Organic harvesting


An area dedicated to the vinification and ageing of organic wines was created in 2011 for out first production. It has enabled us to vinify 3500 hl from organic grapes grown over 85 ha by 10 wine growers in 2014. The number of wine growers going over to organic production increases every year. The production is certified by the ECOCERT organisation. Our Naturallis range features at the Millésime Bio salon held in January each year in Montpellier.


The SCAV ALLIANCE MINERVOIS has 3 production sites :

Rieux Minervois specialises in the production of vins de pays and red table wines, and has an area reserved for the vinification without matter, of IGP and AOP whites and rosés. Homps-Jouarres specialises in the vinification of vins de pays and IGP red, white and rosé table wines.
La Livinière specialises in the vinification of AOP Minervois and Cru La Livinière reds and organic wines, with an area dedicated to them.


3 air-conditioned storage areas in Homps, La Livinière and underground in Azillenet, are equipped with French oak barrels in which our best IGP reds and whites, AOP Minervois reds and AOP Minervois Cru La Livinière are ensured quality ageing for between 9 and 18 months.
The unique experience of ageing in a naturelle cavern, La Grotte de Limousis, at 450m altitude with a constant all year round temperature of 14°C, humidity levels of 85% and absolutely no disturbances, is what allows our precious cuvée Améthyste to develop its specific character, a subtle blend of the terroir, wood and rock.

Quality control

The SCAV Alliance Minervois has its own internal laboratory, equipped with the most up to date material for analysing the wines (through chromatography at the gaseous stage). This allows us to control all of the criteria that are essential to following the quality of the wine from the grape on the vine, to the finished product. Added to this, our œnologues’ bring their expertise through tasting, ensuring the continuing quality of our cuvées.